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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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How do I fix an E1 error message

Have a Kenmore Elite HE3 electric dryer that intermittently gives me a E1 error message. The dryer restarts with no problem once I cancel and reset the drying cycle. Dryer heats up and the motor turns the drum with not issues.

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Dewayne, the E1 error code indicates that there is an open thermistor which is used as a temperature sensor. Since you can not fix those, you will have to replace it. Of course, bad wiring between the thermistor and control board could, as well as a failed control board can also cause this error. Start by replacing the thermistor. You can get the part from here.

You need "take off the lower front access panel under your door, then take off the duct assembly#45, by removing the two #32 screws, and remove the #2 screw at the very bottom of the duct assembly with a bracket#11 attached to it, remove that one also. Unplug your dryer first! Then your thermistor is #42 on the blower housing, next to your thermal fuse#59. "

Block Image

from here.

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Due to the fact that over 4000 people have inquired about the E1 error , I'm sure that the thermistor is what is causing my dryer to stop . Does anyone know if Kenmore is doing anything for their customers, on this subject ?

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