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Replacing Headphone Jack/Cable

Hi there! I just purchased a Headphone Jack and Headphone Jack Cable for the iPod 40GB Photo and I'm currently working on replacing them. I've gotten through step 12 in the instructions and am now reversing the process to reassemble the iPod with the new parts. I am unable to slide the end of the new jack cable through the aperture of the connector on the headphone jack piece. Either the aperture is too narrow or the cable end too wide by just a little bit. It looks like the new cable fits just fine into the old headphone jack piece so I'm wondering if I've just gotten a bad Headphone Jack replacement.

Please help!



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Do you mean the connector on the headset board? If the new cable fits in the old connector, then the cable should be fine. Did you make sure the little black bar on the new connector was in the up position?

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