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I want to use hair drier without the heater element

I have an old hair drier which works but I want to use it as a blower for a small forge I have made can you tell me how to disconnect the heater element please


Update (09/12/2015)

Thanks but my drier dose not have a switch to turn off the heater can I just unsolder the wires to the heater and join them together will this work if not I will open the drier and take a photo of the inside I have the page about replacing the element which shows the wires to unsolder if this helps


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Yes, unsoldering the wires to the heater will work as well. Just make sure that you cover any uninsulated wires and contacts with some electrical tape etc.


No, it will not, because heating element provide resistance to internal motor. If you remove heating element you need to add another resistance (ex. resistor) to block the voltage and pass it to motor.


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Allan McCall. most hair driers have a separate switch for the heating coil. Disconnect the switch, cover the wires with electric tape or similar. This way your blower will work but not the heater. For anything else an image of the inside of your drier is needed, so we can see what it looks like and where it could be disconnected.

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Hello I have the same problem. I do acrylic pouring and have the drew Barrymore travel hairdryer which has no cold function.

I want to run only with cold air. So I would just unsolder the wire from the heat element and I hope this is done then.

Would It work? When U need some pictures of the life from inside let me know?


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