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The TomTom ONE is a base model automobile navigation device. The first TomTom ONE was released in November, 2005.

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Why is my tomtom not powering on?

I have a Tom tom one third edition 4n01 002 That I bought from a yard sale.

It will not power on even after being charged for 2 hours while plugged into computer. I do not have car charger or wall charger.

The power light turns green while plugged into the computer but goes off when disconnected.

While disconmected if you press the power button nothing happens with the screen or power light.

I tried pressing and holding the reset button for about 30 seconds and that did nothing. The computer does not recognize the tomtom while connected either. I'm guessing because it does not power on.

Could it be that the battery needs replaced? Are there other reset methods I should try (hold the reset button longer, press the reset button and power button at the same time)?

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U need new battery. Case screws r under flap on bottom. I did mine works great

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Any suggestions where I can get a battery? I looked at a few online (Amazon, Ebay)


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