Dual-sim Android smartphone with 6" screen, 1.3 GHz dual-core processor, and Android 4.2.2. Released in April of 2014.

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Not responding on charging & not power (Bricked probably)

My device after replacement of touch screen not responding to battery charging even not Power ON /help me to fix this problem

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Hi there.

I've Micromax A102 Doodle 3 phone but since yesterday it has stopped working and is not getting switch on. If I connect the charged only the red light is shown on the phone but no charging logo or anything on phone.

Tried to do Recovery mode but when it ask to press the down volume button for (OK) it again gets switch off. Sometime, only the M! logo comes up and the display light starts getting on and off.

Has updated the software 3 months back from a local shop but now the same issue.

If any link where I can do software update on my own at home will be very appreciable.


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My == phone canvas doodle 4 == is a year old. It got switched off after low voltage. But even after charging for 2 to 4 hrs it didn't start. I tried pressing the power and low volume key, but not even white screen appeared. Only red charging light is lightening. What should I do? It is a problem that is common in it?

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