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Das iPad Mini 3 ist der Nachfolger des iPad mini 2 (iPad Mini Retina). Seine Erscheinung wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt.

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Best cleaning solution to clean an LCD?

When I do an iPad repair I try to reframe from touching the LCD at all so there are no finger marks on it at all. And then just blow the glass chips off and wipe quickly with microfiber cloth. But once in a while I get a fingerprint mark on it. What is the best way to clean it and what solutions used? I tried windex and it works but it seems to change the color of the LCD. Please Let me know how you guys go about cleaning it. Thanks

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This link will help you to clean it your self: Cleaning your Apple products

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Good info thanks but I'm talking about the LCD under the glass when you have it apart and before I put it back together.


it's not better idea to use isopropyl alchohol to clean LCD, IPS panels


That's a good reference. However, like he said, that's not what he's looking for. Either way, it's bookmark worthy!


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Use your breath and a microfibre cloth. If it requires more , then use a minute amount of isopropyl alchohol. Do not use windex or other household cleaners.

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We use Hopes Perfect Glass. Best thing I have found.


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First remove any debris with compressed air. Then we use a new microfiber cloth - and if needed - a touch of water on the cloth (very lightly damp) Water is always my first choice.

Don't use windex! The ammonia will damage the display coating.

More stubborn sticky stuff can be hard to get off, so we then use an ammonia-free, water based glass cleaner applied to the micro fiber cloth. Dry it quickly, and don't swirl the cloth - use straight, even strokes in one direction.

LCDs are fragile, so it is best to lay them on a flat surface when applying pressure.

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