The Droid Razr is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed by Motorola.

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XT910 it had a short circuit between positive of battery and chassis

Can I fix my XT910 if it had a short circuit between positive of battery and chassis?

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Depends on the short . The battery will probably be toast and need to be replaced . Look the motherboard over closely with a magnifying glass and check for burn marks or blistered areas. If anything looks puffed up or warped solder points look melted or off in any way you will have done damage to the board and it will need to be replaced. when reinstalling the battery make sure you use isolating tape . Hope this helps

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Well, I do not see problems. I explain to you, was updating of Android 2,3,6 to 4,4, everything was all right, but when the reboot did, the phone was been frozen in the logo of start screen by more 1 hour. I tried to remove the battery, in this action, I touched for 1 second or less, the screw positive with the chassis. At the moment turn off. Next I finished removed the battery, but maybe for the pressure that I did, the display on the inside suffered 2 cracked when I went back to mount the battery and I tried to turn on it, only the phone heated up . After the event, I do not know if has only broken diplay, if I must give charge to the phone, if the phone have any protection, if the motherboard or the battery have put on short circuit.

Thank you very much beforehand.


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