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Released in 2013 Model number: ONETOUCH 7024W FCC ID: RAD386

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WCDMA doesn't work at all

My alcatel onetouch fierce loses all coverage when I put it on WCDMA, only uses gsm so its stuck on 2g data and it's soo slow... pleeeeease help?

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wcdma not active , means you first have to check if it is a good contact between the wcdma antenna pad & the antenna itself - also you check all wcdma filters & ant sw (if there is ) and finally reflow wcdma and its power supply (if there is ), be carefull, not to move any of gsm part to not lose the network completely..

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Thanks Ahmed... But I'm completely useless when if it comes to opening these phones, never done it before. Could you tell where I'd find the wcdma antenna in the first place, and the ones i'm not suppose to touch at all.

Thanks in advance


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