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The Droid Razr is an Android-based, 4G LTE-capable smartphone designed by Motorola.

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XT 910 Broken display and short circuit

Really that happen with my XT910. I explain to you, I was updating of Android 2,3,6 to 4,4, everything was all right, but when the reboot did, the phone was been frozen in the logo of start screen by more 1 hour. I tried to remove the battery, in this action, I touched for 1 second or less, the screw positive with the chassis. At the moment turn off. Next I finished removed the battery, but maybe for the pressure that I did, the display on the inside suffered 2 cracked when I went back to mount the battery and I tried to turn on it, only the phone heated up . After the event, I do not know if has only broken diplay, if I must give charge to the phone, if the phone have any protection, if the motherboard or the battery have put on short circuit. Thank you very much beforehand.

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Esteban, "only the phone heated up ." heat=short circuit. A bad display will not cause it to heat up. It is possible that you have a bad battery, but more likely you shorted a component on the logic board. You can try and see if you find a component that looks charred or is missing. Sometimes you just have to let it get hot and actually destroy the part that shortens out. It's a bit of a hit and miss situation.

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