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Spilled Whisky on my MacBook, how to clean keyboard

I spilt scotch whisky on my Mac book and my keyboard is not working how to clean this and make it work?

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Was the Scotch, Neat or mixed? http://scotchaddict.com/scotch-neat-or-o...

How much? This will depend on if the liquid got through to the logic board. What have you done to clean it up? You have probably shorted out the keyboard. Some keyboards can be replaced others require an upper case replacement. MacBook Pro (15 Zoll, Mitte 2010, Unibody) oberes Gehäuse austauschen

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Yes it's clean scotch but its a lot went inside the keyboard and I wipe it with bounty and blow dry it ... Now the key board is not responding no matter I tried and clean


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Just let the macbook sleep it off. It'll feel like crap most of the day. Running slow as heck, complaining how bad it feels. Dry heaving in the bathroom....

Hey we've all done the same thing, a time or two...right? Hopefully it'll feel a little guilty for a while, and stay away from the hard stuff.... :-)

Mike (spilled my whiskey a time or two)

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