Android tablet released in September of 2014. Lenovo Tab S8-50F

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Why does my Lenovo Tab S8 run so slowly?

My Lenovo Tab S8 runs so slowly sometimes, it is frustrating. It runs so slowly that I can't even view my pictures with it slowing down. What can I do to fix it?

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Will never buy Lenovo again. HW is ok but SW is crap.


I have the same problem . It seems there is no answer


I say the same . Never buy Lenovo.


I have a lenovo TB-X103F tablet running very slow which comes with a snap dragon 1.3 processor , It has being very slow when it comes to online web browsing , it has only few applications running from its background, no matter how pretty decent the specs are , it still run runs very slow , am so dissapointed in lenovo upon the day of unboxing the tablet , i have spent several hours of making all the marsh mallow updates but it still has the same problem , i tried resetting it and still, it has the same problem , i dont even know what to do now , Please help me


Same here. I'd say it's time to toss it. Light a match and walk away from lenovo all together.


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There are a couple of ways to deal with this problem. The most common solution to deal with this problem is to close completely close other open apps. You can do this by tapping the task screen button located next to the home and back buttons. Then, close all the apps by swyping left or right for each of the apps you are not using.

If that does not solve the problem, you could check the Lenovo tab S8 troubleshooting guide here.

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