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Apple brachte das verschlankte und aufpolierte iPad Air am 1. November 2013 in den Versionen Space Grau und Silber auf den Markt. Es beinhaltet den A7 Prozessor und kann mit 16, 32, 64 oder 128 GB Speicherkapazität gewählt werden.

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IPad Air dead - no signs of life at all


I am attempting to repair and iPad air 1474. It does not charge and the docking port looks ok upon visual inspection with a magnifying glass.

I have tried every known combination of reset and recovery mode.

It does not get recognised by a computer or with iTunes running.

After trying everything, I assessed that the fault is hardware based. I removed the glass digitiser screen as that is obviously the only way to access the internal components.

I am a PC repair engineer in case I sound like I don't know what I am doing and I have repaired several iPads before.

It belongs to a School so I suspect that the fault was caused by misuse. The information I have is that it worked fine one day and would not turn on the next day..

A damaged charging port sound like the first choice but as I said, it looks OK. I have seen two types of accidental; damage to a lightning port. One is that the port gets badly bent and reinsertion of a connector bayonet is not possible or the contact pins get pushed back too far and the pins can no longer align with the cable's bayonet.

Next possible conclusion would be a faulty battery.

Having found out the hard way by taking on an iPad mini 2 with a badly bent docking port and discovering the connection to the logic board is soldered, this rules out fitting an inexpensive charging port to see if it fixes the fault.

So I am not sure where to go from here. I am not sure how I can test the docking port or how to test the battery.?

I have a multimeter and a windows laptop and a macbook pro. All my diagnostic software is for computers.

Thanks in advance for suggestions and or instructions and tips.


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To diagnose a faulty charge port. remove motherboard, plug into USB power and ran the multimeter along the pins on the dock connector (Where its soldered to the motherboard). if you get a reading of around 5V on 1 of the pins, then the dock is fine.

To test if it is battery fault -

You can attach the DC power supply to the battery connector (on motherboard). Just use multimeter to figure out which pin is gnd--(continuity with gnd shield on board). Attach negative lead to gnd pin (LEFT pin for the ipad AIR), and positive pin to the outermost pin on other side(RIGHT pin for ipad AIR). IF YOU USE ALLIGATOR CLIPS, USE WILL NEED TO MAKE SURE THE POSITIVE DOES NOT TOUCH THE SHIELD UNDERNEATH. CLIP IT ON THE CONTACT ITSELF.

. Apply 3.8V. Start iPad via power button (for mini this requires a functional solder joint at home button flex). I USED 5V with DC power supply its ok. DO NOT SWITCH ON POWER YET

Plug in the LCD apply DC power and NOW plug in the USB cable - should see apple logo hopefully - Remember before removing or plugging in LCD, remove the power otherwise you may end up burning the backlight circuit :(

Replace with new battery = Sometimes new batteries will not work either because they have lost there charge. they need to be at 3.7V to power up the device. if not you can charge a battery by connecting the DC power supply to battery terminals again to get it up to 3.7V

if that doesnt work, you can send the motherboard in for repair

www.kiwiphones.co.nz or checkout a shop in china that will

A healthy mini will consume something like 100-300 mAmps of current. Too low = something on board is closed that should be open. Too high = something on board is open that should be closed = short.

All the best email me for any questions info@kiwiphones.co.nz

From here it could be battery or u2IC or some other components/chip

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Have you tried seeing how much output the battery is pushing? I would suspect that would be your issue. If the output is low enough the iPad wont even try to boot up. Let me know how things work out

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So just disconnect the battery and check how many volts it is putting out. Which is the live terminal on the battery connector please Nick?

Thanks richy


i have been doing some research and i do not know, but a brand new battery should be reading 3.73 Volts. If you are not reading around that number with any combination you should try a new battery

iPad Air, iPad 5, iPad 6, iPad 7 Battery


Hey Nick,

As you may know, there is no access to the battery connector. could you tell me where there is a live terminal. I plugged in a charger lead and measured the voltage at the USB connector end. I got a reading 0.03 volts in the 2 volt range on the meter.


Yes it looks as if it is the battery. Bit of a nightmare of a job to do though!

ifixit rate it as "Very Difficult" :/


only takes few mints to change it if you know how

seems to u2 ic battery darning common fault


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I have the same problem... :) In the evening iPad have 2% battery and then i put it on charger. In the morning it was no signs of life at all. I try to replace battery... But... it is still no signs of life at all... I try with DFU mode, but - no signs of life at all.

Any ideas ?



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Possibly a dead charge port like me?


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mostly it will be something with the U2 transistor

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