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Released 2013, the DXR-5 baby monitor contains features such as:Video · One Receiver · 150 foot range · 2.4 GHz Digital Signal · Night Vision. Existing part numbers are B0052QYLUM and BBM1.

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Why won't my DXR-5 charge?

If you are having trouble charging the DXR-5, the solution is here.

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Using a dry cloth, clean the interior metal plates in the battery slot. Make sure the battery is touching the metal plates (terminals). Ensure that the AC adapter is properly inserted into an outlet. If the device still fails to charge, use the camera adapter to see if the unit charges. If the camera adapter works, then this implies that the AC adapter needs to be replaced. You can contact the manufacture by following this link: http://infantoptics.com/contact.php

or you can check the troubleshooting page at:

Infant Optics DXR-5 Troubleshooting

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