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Is my phone fixable with a crackd screen and lcd

my phone has been broken for a while now and I just recently got interested in fixing the screen. starting at the home bottom going up to the front facing camera, my phone is cracked. Also half of the LCD panel is missing. Am I able to fix all of that with just one set of things.

Thank you

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can someone please help i am trying to figure out what to buy


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Yes it can be fixed with one part. You just need to order a LCD/Digitizer screen assembly like this one from ifixit. Unfortunately screen prices for the 5 & 6 series iPhones are extremely expensive right now. But this will get your phone fixed and in full working order again. I suggest following the ifixit repair guide for this repair as well. Link below

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer

iPhone 5 LCD und Touchscreen wechseln

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Bild


iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer


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Harrison Livingston, not seeing what you see (post a couple of images with your question always helps) but just from your description it sounds like you need a front display assembly. Here is the guide for it. the part is available at places like this as well as many others.

iPhone 5 Screen Bild


iPhone 5 Screen


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Two really great answers. Make sure to take your time and keep your work area very organized. Apple is big on that. The screws really need to go in the same place they came from, or you could damage something else, even worse. The guys and girls in the videos, will make it seem very easy, and it will for you over time. Ask questions if you have need, while doin this. Also TechyGirl is right. Parts are 20% more than they recently were. Another option is to try a local repair shop, and ask if they have a used screen for sale. They may be willing to part with a used oem one, from the graveyard

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