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An android smartphone released by BLU Products in December 2013.

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phone mute won't turn off

the phone mute is stuck on, ie there is a angle line drawn thru the microphone icon and of course my called end can't hear me. tapping the microphone icon does nothing. My blue tooth head piece works fine.

this happens even tho phone volume is turned up all the way and the blue tooth is shut off

if the microphone is broken this will be my 3rd messed up blu phone. I guess they can't deliver the quality needed at the very low price they charge for the feature rich phone.

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nice try , I guess its worth a try to remove battery but it DID NOT WORK for my case, guess I will have to call BLU and go through the annoyance of a factory reset to see if that will fix the problem, will try to remember to post results of BLU tech support suggestion


there is an option in settings to do reset the phone by your self


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Hello BB,

Remove and reinsert battery to restart your phone and see whether it works as normal

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