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A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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Why does the pto switch blow

PTO switch blows. Warner electric mag stop # 5218-76 tests OK with 2.2 resistance and the AMP draw is 5.53 at beginning of test then drops down to 5.40 +- 8 . I can jump the plug at the switch ( switch removed) and the PTO clutch works and jumper wire does not get hot. I do not see any damage inside the clutch and bearings are very good.

TORO 62" Z MASTER Z256 Model 74225 - 210001451

I can not find anything wrong with wiring, and all safety switches are in working order.

Very well kept machine I bought new 1082 hrs KOHLER 23 hp gas



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I have a LX500 Toro lawn tractor and I threw the deck belt. After I put it back on and started the engine to finish, the PTO switch will not engage the deck belts...just clicks.... Is the switch bad or the couch or, something else??? Help!

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I know ... old question within an answer. But it might be a new problem for someone else. If you only hear a click and the click is coming from the clutch (not a contactor) and the clutch pulley doesn't turn, my experience has been a bad clutch. If the click comes from a contactor, check the wiring between the contactor and the clutch. Do yourself a favor though. The contactor and clutch solenoid will both "click" without the engine running. Just put something heavy on the seat. Don't troubleshoot the electrical devices on a mower while the engine is running. If everything clicks like it should, remove the weight from the seat.

Then sit in the seat and start the engine and engage mower. Then if the blades don't turn you need a clutch. VERY IMPORTANT>>>BEFORE STARTING ENGINE, check for TOOLS UNDER MOWER. After starting engine, MOVE MOWER Before Engaging Blades (in case you missed a tool) I have seen a mower (42" Cub Cadet non-commercial zero turn) throw a softball over 100 yards. I have seen a 36" Wright Stander throw an old brake pad through the fender of a car. (Yes, it left a hole in the metal on the rear quarter panel.)

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In response to original question: Sounds like a circuit breaker switch. If so, and no problem bypassing it, bad switch.

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