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Digital camera released April, 2014. The Lumix contains a 14.1 Megapixel with 24 mm ultra-wide angle lens.

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LCD screen isn't displaying?

My LCD screen isn't working. Please help!

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If your LCD screen isn't working, there's either an issue with the screen itself, an issue with the connection of the LCD to the motherboard, or a battery issue. If the battery is at fault, a new battery will be needed. To know if this is the case, try charging the camera then turning it on. If the LCD is still not working the issue might be somewhere else. If the LCD has a bad connection to the motherboard, you'll have to tear down the camera and reconnect the screen to the motherboard. If neither of these solves your issue, a new screen will be needed. There are guides on this website that'll explain how to replace batteries, screens, and check connections to the motherboard.

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I have DMC-FZ18 Panasonic lumix and the batteries failed to get the camera to work ...is there a way I can test the battery otherwise to see if that is the problem or is there a place where I can get information on taking the camera apart? Any pointers to fix this would be greatyl appreciated as I LOVE this camera because of the superb Leica lens.



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