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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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Phone Wouldn't turn on please HELP

So , my phone just cut out the other day , it wouldn't charge or turn on . When I try to do the Hard Reset it comes up but when I press the volume down or up . It blanks out in my face all of the time . If you can help me please do ..What do I need ? a new battery ??

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what do you mean cut out?


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I found that happen because i plugged my phone into my laptop. I was told to replug it, turn on the phone, correctly unplug the phone and then do a battery pull and full charge. If this does not work and your phone is less than a year old contact blu

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I have being using blu studio 5.0c phone for a while now , suddenly it turned off by itself this morning with the battery fully charged. I tried turning it on, it's won't turn on or charge either. Can you please help me out ?


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May be this answer help you too, before do the following steps make sure your battery is in good condition or proceed while phone connected to charger

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