No backlight after opening it. How can I test the cause?

I straightened the hinge on my MacBookPro5,3 but, when the time came to put it back together, I ran into some trouble: the LVDS cable didn’t want to get back in straight.

Now that it finally does, the backlight won’t turn on. The screen seems otherwise fine: it displays the expected images if you put a light behind the Apple from the display case.

My guess is that I somehow crooked some pins when I pulled the cable and broke it when I put it back in. Two pins look indeed to be slightly crooked on the cable side, but I have a hard time checking wether they are actually broken or not or if, possibly, the problem comes from the socket or even from somewhere else entirely.

Before I buy a new cable, what should I check and how?

PS: I’m a complete electronics newbie. I have a multimetre but have no idea how I should check a cable pin with one.

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