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The Nextbook NX008HD8G is an 8'' Android tablet released in September 2013.

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My battery overheated and will not charge. What can I do?

I left my Nextbook in my car, and when I got back in it the direct sunlight seemed to have caused it to overheat. Now, when I plug it in, it will not charge. What should I do?

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Although batteries may be permanently damaged if exposed to liquid or extreme temperatures, there may be other reasons your battery is overheating or unable to charge. If you have a faulty charger or an issue with the Micro-USB port on your Nextbook, that could be preventing the device from being charged correctly. Refer to the battery replacement guide for the Nextbook NX008HD8G.

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The link to our Troubleshooting Page:

Nextbook NX008HD8G Troubleshooting


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