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Lost or Stolen Device Search

I have recently been running into phones that after I bought them and fixed them up found out that the device has been listed with the carrier as Lost/Stolen. Is there a way to look up the device to check if it is labeled Lost/Stolen before I buy it?

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Nick Dykstra, I check the IMEI number to see if it is an eligible phone or one that is blocked due to various reasons. The site I use is this one but I am certain there are plenty of others. This will only work for phone where you can access the IMEI number. Anything else, you are pretty much depending on honesty and dependability of the seller.

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I would bring a new lcd/digitizer to the meet, then attach it. It doesn't take very long, if you're not putting together the entire assembly. Then politely ask them to reset the phone, using their email and passcodes. This way you're buying a bunk product, basically throwing money out the window, and you're not involved with purchasing, what's basically, illegal goods

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but what if i dont have the display assembly on hand? do i wait for it to be shipped to me before the meet?


Yes, if you're in the game of constantly buying and reselling phones. You need to be prepared, and keep yourself safe. This sounds like a good way for the cops to find you with a room full of stolen phones


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