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Manufactured from 2004 to 2009, the Vino 125 has a 125cc engine.

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Vino won't start gasoline coming from underneath hose comes from carbu

Vino 125 has set for years cleaned tank, new filter, spark plug, battery cleaned lines, clean carb float area, still won't start turns over but won't hit gas coming from hose underneath comes from carburetor? Appreciate any suggestions. Only has 29 miles on it

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Mountaineer can you explain this a bit "won't hit gas coming from hose underneath comes from carburetor?" It is somewhat confusing. The way I read it is that you have no fuel going to your carburetor?


Fuel is getting to carb. Wondering what would make fuel dump out hose? Seems as if hose serves as a over flow resulting from something still clogged. Keep in mind all I cleaned on carb is float area. Was clogged but now working freely.

The gas in scooter was basically laquar.


Also won't hit meaning engine turns over but isn't firing. Or giving indication of trying to start.


So it sounds as if your carb overflows. My first suspect is the float valve. If the gas had the consistency of lacquer it is easily possible that it gets stuck in the valve seat. Sometimes squirting a bit of gas into the spark plug hole and then reinstalling the plug will give you an idea if it will fire properly.


Thx old turkey will try and give you an update


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Mountaineer, I'd be starting at the tank and see what is going on. Start with the fuel valve on the tank


1. Check:

fuel valve

Cracks/damage/wear ==> Replace.

2. Check:

fuel valve strainer 1

obstruction ==> clean.

Blow out the jets with compressed air.

Damage ==> Replace.

You also mentioned that you "clean carb float area" I would suggest that you check the valve to make sure it is not stuck and check the fuel level:


1. Measure:

fuel level a

Out of specification ==> Adjust.

Fuel level (below the float chamber mating surface)

6.5 ~ 7.5 mm (0.26 ~ 0.30 in)

a. Stand the motorcycle on a level surface.

b. Place the motorcycle on a suitable stand to ensure that the motorcycle is standing straight up.

c. Install the fuel level gauge 1 onto the fuel drain pipe 2

d. Loosen the fuel drain screw

e. Hold the fuel level gauge vertically next to the float chamber 3.

f. Measure the fuel level a.

Block Image

2. Adjust:

fuel level

a. Remove the carburetor.

b. Check the needle valve seat and needle valve.

c. If either is worn, replace them as a set.

d. If both are fine, adjust the float level by slightly bending the float tang 1.

e. Install the carburetor.

f. Measure the fuel level a again.

g. Repeat steps (a) to (f) until the fuel level is within specification.

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Thx old turkey cleaned carb/jets. Started right up! Runs well does seem to sputter when under load (up hill, etc) thx again

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