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I believe tech mined parts from my s 5.

I asked a local tech at a phone store if he could unlock my s 5 previously with verison.my s5 i got in august of 2014,before the feb 2015 issue of locked verison devices.i found out about this topic later.

He said sure but he'd have to keep it three days as thats how long it would take.this sounded unbelievable to me but he assured me it took that long.

So im thinking it must have to be hooked up to a computer that long and asked him that, he grunted yes so like an empty headed blonde i left it with him.

Three days later his younger sister was in the store and my phone was ready.it had a slip of paper wrapped around it that she threw awaybefore giving me my phone.i thought it was for protection. There was writing on it.

So i put it on metro pcs 4 G service.i get home and the connection is awful and i only get 3G and H+ service.H+ i never heard of and in two weeks i have never had 4G or LTE service.i know what H+ is now.its like 3.75G but less than 4G.

Then i go to use the camera and its grainy.i think wtf! I go back to the store,which is very hard as im in a wheelchair. I ask to talk to the brother and she tells me he only works certain days. F,S,and S.

So i go back sat and shes there and he's left for the day.been back twice.he's avoiding me obviously. What can i do?is there a test i can do on my s 5 that can verify my phone has what its supposed to have in it?

Also when the google search page comes up ,the blue line that goes across the bottom of the search or tool bar ,there is a half inch blue line from left to right tha is constantly there. Thicker by 50% than the actual blue line that usually skirts across the screne.

It doesnt do that now any longer. I know this guy did something. The interface acts different. Can you suggest something? People, since ive been disabled do try to brush me off and take advantage of me.

Im a tall big guy.this $@$* never happened to me before i was disabled.

What can or do i do?.

Thanks sincerely for any advice,except maybe grow a pair,lol,for any help.


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Well, I do understand that you didn't get what you want, and it does seem to you, that this tech is avoiding you. Which could be. However it is common for schedules to go like that. He may only work there certain hours, on certain days. I would go back again, explain what your problem is, and how you didn't get what you wanted, I think that's what I read, and how you now have more problems. They should do something for you. I realize this is frustrating. But sometimes I get a day off, too

EDIT Oh, and it may not hurt to get a second opinion. Just because they own or work at a shop, doesn't always mean they know what they're doing

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The only thing I can think of he has rooted and installed CFW which has changed the camera.

There is no way any tech would lift the display up to do anything with the camera etc.

Is the phone exactly the same, IMEI number etc?

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