The Nokia 1100b RH-36 was released as part of the Nokia's 1000 series of "Ultrabasic" phones in 2003. It's simple design possesses minimal features beyond the ability to make calls and send text messages.

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Using Nokia 1100 without battery

Hi, is there someone that could help me to use a Nokia 1100 without battery, connecting directly to power supply?

Thank you very much



Update (10/25/2015)

Thank you Ruben, but I got the original Nokia power supply.

I need to connect directly the power supply to the phone without the battery.

I tried to connect the power supply removing the battery but doesn't work.

I wish to understand how to connect directly the power supply to the phone electronic circuit.

Could you or someone help me?

Thank you very much.


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Giuseppe I am wondering why you would want to do that. You can charge the battery outside of the phone with an external power supply. So why not just buy a new battery? What are your intentions with that?


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Hello! If you have a variable power supply you can do it. You have to adjust power supply at the same battery voltage.

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