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The VTech Safe And Sound DM221, constructed by VTech, is a digital audio monitor which consists of a baby monitor as well as one parent unit.

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Two Monitors Not Linking

Why are my monitors not linking?

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Because V-tech monitors are crap. We got two and both won't link. The company won't do anything about it either.


Can I pair the camera to a Motorola monitor?


I paid 300 for a monitor I have to reset every other day? Don’t waste your money buy something else


Frustrating is what it is. Grant it we just got the $20 unit that just has 1 parent unit so I can’t expect nothing too great but it worked great for a year! . Maybe it senses that my daughter is 1 years old now and can tend to her own self


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Monitors Not Turned On

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the baby monitor. Repeat the same process for the parent monitor until the screen display lights up.

Monitors Not Within Range

Move the parent monitor closer to the baby monitor, but do not get closer than 3 feet from the baby monitor.

Monitors Need to be Reset

Reset the monitors by turning them off and unplugging them from their electrical power. Wait 15 seconds and then plug them back in again. Turn on the monitors and allow up to a minute for the monitors to synchronize.

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On the bottom of my camera (owls) there is a pair button. The monitor has a menu; scroll to the pair camera. Hold down the pair button on the bottom of the camera while selecting pair camera on menu. Push and hold both buttons at the same time until they pair. I had to do this about 4 times. Make sure when you press the button on the bottom of the camera a green light starts flashing. Hope this helps

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Mine still is not pairing..is there another way to do it


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1. Remove all cameras from menu option

2. Reset all units by unplugging from outlet source and remove battery from parent unit

3. Wait a few minutes

4. plug everything back in and turn on

5. Add camera in menu option. Parent unit will begin to search

6. While parent unit is searching press pairing button on bottom of baby unit top right corner (small skinny screwdriver or pencil is needed)

This worked for me and paired the camera unit in less than a minute and now is working again

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Can I pair my ZTE mobile phone to vtech baby monitor

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