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blue screen then DFU mode, iTunes cant restore - error 4005

Hi guys, here's my problem.

Two or three days after updating to iOS 9.1 (the day it rolled out) I got a random blue screen out of nothing, the phone was locked on my desk. Then all ok until next day, about the same time, another blue screen, reboot cycle and all ok. Then the screen went stripped black and white; the whites diffuminated and it was all black and it restarted, apple logo and stuff. Then after rebooting, blue screen attacked. It turned off and never came back. I run Snow Leopard on a mid 2009 MacBook; iTunes sees it (but the 'connect to iTunes' is not on screen, the screen is all black) tells me the iPhone "iPhone" is in recovery mode (I have learned that it is in DFU mode) and tries to restore to iOS 9.1 but fails. I moved to a Windows computer with the most up to date version of iTunes and tried again, but after extracting the software, the phone shows apple logo and iTunes hangs on "Waiting for iPhone" and stays there long time and then I get error 4005.

I have tried to load iOS 7.0 (the one it came with), iOS 8.3 and iOS 9.0.2 but I either get the same 4005 error or the "this iPhone is not eligible for this software version" error.

My phone has never been opened since i have it (no screen nor battery replacements, no repairs, not opening the phone at all). However, it is a replacement I got from an Apple Authorized Reseller after the one I bought with them failed, and they replaced it for free because it was still covered by the 1 year guarantee.

I have tried restoring to different versions, from different computes and OSs and different cables and USB ports. Any advice before going with the Apple Reseller?

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If you got it from and Apple Reseller is more likely is been open they probably replaced the charging port i suggest just going back and get it exchange again. Plus you can always check if your under warranty here: https://checkcoverage.apple.com/

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Thanks a lot for the link @xterminal !! I went with them and described the issue, the guy didn't even plugged it it, he told me it most probably is the logic board and the more they could offec was a 35% discount on a new phone, same model same specs.


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