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The HP All-in-One desktop personal computer released in the Summer of 2013. This 20" touchscreen is an ideal family home computer that can function as both a desktop and a mobile computer.

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Is there any way I can force my device to shut off?

I know that on most desktops and laptops, there are certain ways that you can force the computer to shut off even if it doesn't want to. How do I do that on my Rove computer?

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Most devices with do a forced shutdown by holding the power button for a prolonged period of time. This should work with the Rove, although I have had hybrids like these react differently on rare occasion.

What is your purpose for the forced shut down?

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For the Rove (and in general with most computers) this can be accomplished by pressing and holding the power button on the top right of the device. Hold for about ten seconds or until the small LED on the button goes out.

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