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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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Damaged screen. How do I know which screen version to order?

The title.

damaged screen. the lcd itself look just fine, no dead pixels. but the touch has gone. i saw that lately there's options to buy screens even v1.1, but how do i spot which version i have?

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Most Tablets have a serial number on the rear cover. Model number as well, When ever you buy a communicating device check the settings and on "my device" section it should tell you all the numbers for a particular device, Model, serial, other info. hope it helps. If you can get the Digitize'r out it should have a number on the Flat cable, or on the ribbon cable. LJ.

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Thanks for the answer. to be honest, i don't understand your answer. I know where to find the serial number. But how do i use him to get the digitizer version? I don't want to open the device screen until the screen will arrive. it's too risky, this is very gentle device. tried to look at the computer specs in speccy, didn't find any useful information. someone?


need to remove the digitizer? seems that all physical things that is produced has to have a number of some kind on it? pasted, stamped, somewhere on it?. to ID that part. I took a break.


This reply is not helpful. What is a communicating device?


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