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The Archos 5 is an internet tablet with a resistive touchscreen for video, photo, audio, internet browsing and other multimedia applications. This device may be identified by the model # 7501. The Archos 5 device runs on the Android operating system.

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Why won't my device hold a charge?

I've been charging my device for hours and it continues to run out of battery even though it's on the charger. I'm not sure if it's even charging the device at all. This issue is really annoying. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

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Do you see a green light while charging it?


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You should consider charging your device from a different outlet. If that does not help the problem use a different charger. After these steps have been completed and the problem has not been solved we should look internally. A battery replacement is going to be the next approach to take. Please refer to this Archos 5 Battery Replacement

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