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Das Modell A1238 / 80, 120 oder 160 GB Festplatte / schwarzes oder silbernes Metallfrontteil

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front of iPod hot after replacing battery

I replaced the battery in my iPod classic but as soon as I reconnected it to the front of the iPod, the front of the iPod became very hot. Should that happen?

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paigeandersonmcdonald, always double check your work. Make sure the battery flex is properly seated. Be careful and double check the battery connector. It does have a tendency to break of the board. If it has come loose it is possible that you are shortening out the battery.

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I am a total novice at working with electronics , so I'm not sure what I'm looking for but nothing appears loose and the wiring seems to be as far in as it can go. Still every time I retry the front still gets hot


Try with another new battery and see what happens. If it still gets hot you are having issues with the logic board.


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usually that is from it not being seated into the socket completly

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