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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Digital Squared, sometimes written as Digital2.

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How to reverse direction of camera aim on my Digital2 camera?

''My camera on my digital2 tablet will not reverse directions, or I do not know how to make it aim the forward direction instead of aiming at me. I can only take pictures of me. How do I turn that back around. I have been bringing up the camera by tapping on the camera icon. When it comes up, I tap on the camera image. All I get are options like making the picture smaller or taking a video. Help me please. I'm tired of looking at me!!

Thank You

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You cannot reverse the direction of your camera.

The camera is mainly there to allow for video "skyping" or chatting, so whoever you're skyping with can see you.

The camera app does allow for single pictures to be taken but it can only take what it can "see" and it can only see from the front of the Tab, where the lens is. There is no camera lens on the back of the Tab.

If you wish to take pictures away from you , you either have to turn the Tab around, peer around at the display (with the camera app running) and see what is displayed on the screen and take the picture. Alternatively, you can have your back to the scene that you wish to photograph, move the Tab until the picture that you want is on display,( and you aren't in the picture) then take the picture.

As you can see it is not really meant for taking pictures like a camera. Best example is to liken it to mobile phones, the ones you get with front camera only (good for selfies and video chat) and the ones you get with front and back cameras ( good for selfies, video chat and as a replacement camera saving the need to carry both phone and camera). Yours is like the front camera only phone.

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I do not like this !!!!.


It took me a long time to figure it out. I blamed my grandbaby. I'm Sorry baby. Then I asked Google. Oh well, we live and learn.


Thanks a million! At least I know I am not the only one that had an issue with only taking pictures of myself!


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