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Mitte 2009 Modell A 1278 / 2,26 oder 2,53 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor EMC 2336

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Stripped screw head on back cover

Help! I am trying to replace the battery on my Macbook Pro 13 Unibody Mid 2009 battery. I was successful on removing all of the screws except 1 on the top left corner (its a longer screw). I tried many different screw drivers including Phillips #00. It won't budge and now I think I stripped the screw head!! Its so tight there is no way I can get pliers/tweezers or anything to loosen it. What can I do to get that screw out now that it's stripped???

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small drill bit and drill the center of the head out and it will fall off use needle nose to remove the remaining part of the screw after taking off the bottem

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