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Reparatur und Unterstützung für den zur PS3 gehörenden Kontroller. Er kam 2008 heraus, besitzt einen Lithium-Ionen Akku und eine Sechsachsensteuerung. Der Kontroller (CECHZC2) ist leicht zu reparieren.

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Replacement adapter for PS3 Dualshock charging station

My son has lost the adapter that plugs into the usb, on my dualshock controller; to charge in my charging station. Can anyone tell me where I can find replacement adapters?

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I'm looking for those clips too, have you found them guys? Losiu9@gmail.com


ALSO LOOKING FOR THOSE CLIPS, I can't figure out what to search online in order to get a replacement.


Did anybody find these clips?


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Is this what you are looking for? It mentions that it is compatible with DualShock 3.


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No, I think he is looking for this


And I'm too

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Ditto! I am in search for these adapters also!


Did you ever find them?


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what you need is a usb cable. its a USB 2.0 mini-b standard type.

this simply means its a USB 2.0 mini-b to USB-A cable. (with usb a being the part that connects to the computer or ps4 or 5 volt cellusar charger. and the mini-b connecting to the controller.

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