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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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Won't turn on, gets to start up screen no further.

My BLU Studio 5.0 C won't turn on, I've tried taking the battery out & putting it back in, taking the sim & the memory card out and trying to turn it on then but it won't work. It turns on but only gets as far as BLU, the start up screen, and won't go any further. Can someone suggest something that might help? I'm really stuck without a phone feels like I've lost a limb! Thank you.

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i did a hard reset to my blu studio g ,and now it stay on recovery mode it lost the sofware i need help?


Some times BLU phone will show start up Blu a white light will flash when I first plug in chargecord, but now there nothing more I can do but try to get it fix.

=== Update (08/22/2016) ===

Where do I go to get my BLU phone fix


I have the bootloop problem along with it not going into recovery mode. Is there a program(tool) I could D/l and apply that would fix or override the bootloop?


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You will have to hard reset your phone. Before doing this make sure that the phone's battery is fully charged.

Here is a link which shows you how to perform a hard reset. If you watch the video the hard reset procedure starts about 1 minute 15 secs into the video.


Warning: performing a hard reset will remove all user downloaded apps and user data. The phone will be restored to factory default condition

Be patient, the process takes a few minutes.

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I have the same issues, won't turn on and rebooting by itself, I've done performing soft and hard reset but issues still there, I think it is hardware issue, because every time I removed the back cover it turn on and use it for a longer time, I decide to buy a new one and send the Blu phone to a repair shop.


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