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Ein 10,8" Tablet von Microsoft, erschienen am 5.Mai 2015. Es hat ein Gewicht von 0,622 kg. Der Standfuß kann in drei Positionen festgestellt werden.

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How do I upgrade my ram?

I have the surface 3 64gb version and was wondering if I would be able to upgrade the ram on it.

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My surface pro 3 is not responding to the keyboard. It was working before Pls assist me


did you install the type cover drivers


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2 things: your surface 3 has 64GB of storage, not RAM. While it may seem like a rather nit-picky distinction, it is rather significant. Basically, RAM affects performance if you don't have enough, storage is how many files you can store (your C drive)

Regardless, the RAM on all surface models is soldered to the motherboard and not upgradable. Surface Pro models have removable SSDs that can be replaced to add more storage but you have to remove the display first, a difficult process that usually requires replacing the display completely. Surface (non-pro) models have their storage chips soldered to the motherboard, preventing replacement.

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@kaykay heads up reputation just went over


tnx ,complete answer


I have a Surface 3 the only thing I could do to run big applications without it crashing was to buy an portable external hard drive 1TB, mine is a western digital my passport. Also because the Surface 3 only has one USB port I had to buy a 4 Ports USB 3.0 Hub as well so I could use a mouse, the external hard drive and also charge my phone. It's a great idea for this little laptop/tablet.


besides adding storage space like a portable ssd, try using a small usb drive and slect it to be used as additional ram. I have a 16gig USB 3.0 drive that i use as dedicated ram. i also have a splitter so i can add more than one usb device at a time.


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In a way, yes. At least if you are actually talking about storage space, not RAM.

If you did really mean to ask whether the RAM could be upgraded from the 2GB that your model has, the answer is a definitive "No."

For the storage space question: There is a MicroSD expansion slot under the kickstand. As I understand it, you could install a 64GB expansion card in that slot, thus massively increasing your maximum storage capacity.

You can learn more about adding an expansion card here.

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it is upgradable to 256.. I have it on mine and it is not soldered to the mb. the slot is right behind the kickstand.


That's not ram that is just storage space. Random access memory (ram) is always internal and on the surface 3 is actually soldered to the motherboard. I have had mine apart and verified this. If you want more ram you can upgrade your motherboard which is what I chose to do unfortunately Microsoft maxed out the surface pro 3 at 8 GB ram and an i7 processer. Upgrade to that and while you're in there upgrade your msata drive to 1tb and you'll never have any issues with it again


You mean, I can upgrade my sf3 motherboard using sf3 pro motherboard?


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While you’re Surface is unable to expand it’s memory use, it’s possible to expand your storage exponentially via the MicroSD card slot mentioned elsewhere. That being said, it is probably best to use that space to download web version apps as opposed to memory hogging software apps. You can find these in the Microsoft Store and for most others, you can find online or even create from the browser itself. I’ve seen media creation done using specific apps from the Adobe Creative Suite Online. Remember that your Surface (especially older ones) weren’t meant to be a laptop replacement. They were meant to be a Tablet upgrade living somewhere in between a high powered tablet device and low-power laptop.

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