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Released November 1998, identified by model number HKT-3020.

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doesnt read g-rom any more.

The DC turns on and the menu works fine, (can set time play CD's np) but when i try to play a game (any game) it just goes black like it is gonna start but just goes back to the menu someone plz help I want to play my DC again!

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There is a fix for this. It involves a small screw used to adjust the power of the laser. This link gives a step-by-step guide. I used this to fix the same problem on my dreamcast.


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Webers think alike! I've fixed 5 DCs this way. Easy to do!


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Hey Does it just reboot. if so you have to take it apart and clean the power pins that connect the power supply to the motherboard with alcohol you may also have to bend the pins a little bit to make them connect with the pins on the power supply better as well. that worked for me.

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