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Modell A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, oder 1.5 GHz G4-Prozessor

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Can I upgrade the wireless in a PowerPC G4 Mac mini?

Want to upgrade it with a wireless card (brought use original configuration wireless was optional). Want to make sure I get the right wireless card but also get the most bang for my buck. What do you suggest?

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The only compatible internal wireless card is the Airport Extreme card.

If you choose to go the USB route, there are other options, but I must confess I am unfamiliar with them.

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I have pretty much the same problem and so far I was unable to make good use of all the usb wireless dongles. Nothing seems to work...



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hi rodrigo,

you should look for an wireless dongle that is supported by your operating system or has the driver/kext for your system.

there are not that many options for you - i know that there are a few chipsets are supported by os10.

the easiest way to find something that works is the hardware list for kismac, kismac is/was a very popular wardriving program for mac computers - on their webpage are the working and not working devices for that program - if it works with kismac - it works with os 10

CLICK here

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