Ein 10,8" Tablet von Microsoft, erschienen am 5.Mai 2015. Es hat ein Gewicht von 0,622 kg. Der Standfuß kann in drei Positionen festgestellt werden.

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Can the Mini DisplayPort socket be replaced?

Hi, Microsoft surface 3 - Mini DisplayPort socket is broken.

Can this be replaced?

If so, where can I purchase parts?



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Technically, yes.

Realistically, however, you are going to break far more than is worth it trying to get to the part to replace it.

The Mini DisplayPort socket is soldered directly onto the motherboard, so if you were to replace it, you would likely need to replace the whole motherboard. (Unless yours is a purely mechanical problem, in which case a new socket could be soldered to the motherboard as a replacement.)

The real problem lies with the initial opening of the device, however, as unless you are already experienced in removing this type of screen, you *will* break it while removing it. You also stand a very good chance of mangling your WiFi antennas while you are at it.

For most, the Surface 3 is simply not a repairable device. Many of the design decisions made to allow for the extremely light and thin tablet have made it so that opening the device once it has been made is an exercise in frustration. A well equipped repairman with the right tools, skills, and direct experience with Surface 3 repairs could replace the part and return the tablet to you intact, but it would likely be expensive.

Sorry for the bad news,


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I have the same problem . I just bought my surface 3 couple of months ago and noticed now that the mini display port has a "crooked" line which prevents it from working .

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I have the same problem.

This is happened to my Surface Pro (5). It also has "crooked" line preventing it from working.

Given this response, it seems best to get the surface dock (it has 2 mini display port) which is kind of expensive, if the surface if this damage is not covered with warranty.


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i just purchased the dock due to the same issue, and am hoping that it will work. I think I simply wore out the original port from using it everyday. I think i will just put the adapters i need in the ports and leave them there. Anybody have any thoughts.

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