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Huawei Ascend G510 Android Smartphone. Angekündigt 2013.

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huawei ascend 510 dead wifi

sir my wifi is open but searching only not accept any wifi so plz help me

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ewhing was stoped howe i can repaer som one tol only to change plak aqllryt


This should another question, not an answer to one, also what is an ewhing, plak and aqllryt


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irfan sanam,

Hope below steps will help you to fix the fault

Step 01

Open System Settings --> Wireless & Networks -- >> WiFi connection, touch on the Wi-Fi network that you’re unable to connect and select option “Forget.” after that try to reconnect

Step 02

Open System Settings --> Wireless & Networks --> WiFi Connection, press Menu button and select Advanced----> select WiFi Frequency

Check with Auto mode and try to connect with 2.4Ghz band.

Step 03

Backup all data and Reset the phone. after resetting phone try to connect with WiFi

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after my phone get wet it didn't able to connect in wifi.. What should i do?


Check the WiFi chip, clean the chip using IPA and re-hot the chip. see whether chip bins to work. if not, check the 3.3 power rail present- if yes replace the WiFi module


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Mary set ka wifi on h ne hota

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