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4 inch display / Available in a variety of colors / Released in 3 different models / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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My iPod wont turn on and itunes doesn't register it

So I'm trying to help a mate out with his ipod, it doesn't want to turn on properly, when it does it says to connect to itunes via a pc. So i did and itunes wont let me access the ipod or sync it. my p picks it up and installs driver software...but itunes wont... My friend said that he tried to reset it before but nothing happened....grateful for any assistance!

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I am using a Lenovo thinkpad (school laptop)

unsure of the version of of itunes i am running

and i believe that the ipods operating system is ios 7 but i am unsure

the ipod has not had any recent repairs....it has been malfunctioning for approx 7 months (thats what i was told) but than you so much for the help


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I am sorry to hear about your iPod touch not wanting to come on or sync for you but I had a few questions to try to isolate what is causing the problem.


What version of iTunes are you running on your computer and firmware on the iPod?

Do you have a Mac or Windows PC? Or is it a laptop?

Have their been any recent repairs on the iPod?

These questions will help see if there is a compatibility issue with the equipment and/or software. If there have been recent repairs, it might have been damaged more or they only fixed part of the problem. I also have going to post a guide by a member who talks about their iPod shutting down or not wanting to come on.

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Other than troubleshooting, I would recommend contacting Apple or your phone company to see if they have additional resources you could use.

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