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Eine Unibody Aluminium-Serie des Mac Mini, identifizierbar durch die Modellnummer A1347. Umfasst die Modelle ab Mitte 2010 bis zu dem derzeit verkauften Modell von 2014.

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Ethernet device not working

I have a brand new mac mini 2010 just open from the box and cannot connect to internet or connecting to another mac with ethernet cable. It seems no ethernet, i mean i can connect the ethernet, but the computer just cannot recognised there's ethernet in it and cannot find the ip address.

Anything cause by this?

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we may need to know a bit more about the network you are connecting to. Are you conneting to a home network, adsl router, company network etc?




Its home network. I have tried to find the symptom on the net and found out this is not the first case, few users already experienced this kind of problem.

I think the problem is because the hardware (ethernet port) and Snow Leopard not matching properly.

What i did yesterday was fully reinstall the whole system, did the last software update and now it works either by ethernet cable or wireless.



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Please post your update as an answer and accept it so your experience can help others. Thanks

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