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Die Xbox 360 ist die zweite Spielekonsole der Firma Microsoft und erschien in Europa am 2. Dezember 2005.

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Why wont my 360 read discs?

I tripped over the ethernet cord attached to my 360 and it took a 3-foot dive. Now it wont read discs. Everything else seems to work fine and I can hear the discs start to spin, but after about two seconds it stops and the dashboard says open tray. I would rather avoid opening it up but if thats what it takes then so be it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The laser most likely is jammed in the back of the drive. This is a common thing we see when the systems are dropped. Just open up the system and realign the drive. While you are in there, give it a good cleaning. The drive should be dust free. The railing that the laser guides on, make sure that it is clean and well lubricated with gear grease of some sort.

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