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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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charger port not charging

charger port is broken

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thank you for acknowledging my question


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Hi Rebecca,

If you are asking about the actual wall charger then simply use an appropriate USB cable (fits the phone at one end and the computer at the other) and plug one end into the phone and the other end into a known working USB port on a computer that is operating, when you have to charge the phone until you get a replacement charger.

Here is a link to a supplier of chargers for your phone. As you can see they are not expensive. I dare say that it is cheaper to replace it than to buy the parts to fix it.

Using this method to charge the phone takes longer than when using a charger as the port doesn't supply as much current as a charger. You can make it charge a bit faster by ensuring that the phone is switched off whilst it is being charged.

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Charger piece broken can't charge my phone upBLU 5.0 phone

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Please tell me how fix my 5.0 blu phone charger


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