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Das Apple iPhone 5c wurde am 10. September 2013 angekündigt. Ausgerüstet mit Schraubenziehern und Hebelwerkzeugen, geht die Reparatur ähnlich vonstatten wie bei den Vorgängermodellen. Verfügbar mit GSM oder CDMA mit 8, 16 oder 32 GB in weiß, pink, gelb, blau und grün.

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Charger won't work on a iPhone 5C

Well basically I went to the shop and brought a 5C. I turned it on for the first time and set it up and everything. Then I noticed my battery was at 21%. So I connected it to the lightning cable then I had a notification 'This accessory will not support your iPhone'. So I tried it the other way round, I still had the notification. So I just thought it will charge later so I left it on overnight. Zzz. Then I checked my battery status: 17%. So I brought another charger and I STILL had that bloody notification. I got a bit p*ssed then. So because I was so bloody angry I didn't bother going to the shop I brought the phone from, I went to the Apple store and asked them to 'try' and charge it. They said it wouldn't charge. So I was a bit more p*ssed now because even the Apple store wouldn't be able to fix a phone their company made.

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Charge level update: 5%. Extremely furious and not in a great mood at the moment.


I had a chat with the MANAGER of the store. He gave me an iPhone 5S which wasn't bad obviously. Set it up, chuck'd a SIM in. Perfect. BTW shop I brought it from was Tesco. So Tesco if you're reading this(Probability:0%) thanks for great customer satisfaction. Although I did get a !&&* lot p*ssed about u lot. And also thank you Jordan Spellman for offering me a 5C battery.


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Hello Visax Jasmit,

It sounds like your battery is unable to hold a charge . If you have the tools and know some one willing to lend you their 5c battery, I would suggest swapping the batteries. If you dont have access to tools or a battery, iFixit sells battery replacement kits for your phone. If you buy a new battery and is still does not resolve your current issue, you could return the battery in accordance with iFixits return policies.

Best Wishes!


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Thanks Jordan but before you commented, I did try a battery and no it didnt work


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