replaced digitizer now cannot update iOS

I have an iPad 2 64GB 3G/wifi that I replaced the digitizer screen and wifi cable. Digitizer and wifi are being recognized but noticed that owner restored iOS back to factory settings (4.3.3) and for some reason the iPad says "not charging", even though the cable is recognized as connected and iTunes acknowledges the iPad is connected. Thinking that the iOS was old and this was one of it's glitches, tried to update the iOS through iTunes. now cannot get it to update or restore and getting error 9. iOS seems corrupted now. what's weird is that when the battery life went down from 16% and shut down, when I connect the cable, it recognizes it's connected and the lightning bolt pops up. tried different cables getting same result.

Does this sound like a hardware or software issue to you? Now, I don't even care about the not charging notice, I'd just like to get the iOS working again! So frustrating. Any suggestions on a way to restore to the factory iOS version that was in the iPad originally (4.3.3)? iTunes won't let me do that. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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