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My R button is stuck down. How do I Fix it?

The button is stuck in the "pressed" position. To get my 3DS to respond as if it weren't being press, I have to pull the edge of the button up. When it goes back down, I do not hear the clicking sound the other 3 shoulder buttons make when they're pressed. The button is stuck down on the right, away from the center of the system. I've uploaded some images as well.


The 1st and 3rd images are of my L button, which isn't broken. They're there for quick reference.

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There is a small spring that pushes the button out this may be broke or the pin that holds the spring may have slipped if your game to take the controller apart the spring is similar to what you would find in a retractable pen

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The guide can help you through the teardown

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this spring will be a lot smaller just looked in a pen for reference and its definitely gonna be different


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