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battery problem? dead or stuck

hi.i have a problem with my iPhone5. yesterday show me full battery and after i use it 2-3 minutes my phone has gone off. i put it to charge and after a couple minutes i take the charger off , he turn of. now the problem is , that wen i connect the cable in PC, or charger , i see the battery image , and after that the logo of apple and again a battery image an the light an apple logo repeatly ... what should i do? what could be the cause? if i took it apart what should i search to see if the battery must be change? i was able to make un reset in iTunes , but after it-s the same thing...

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i just thinked like 10minutes about your question and it isn't easy one for sure

have you tried other charger and cable ?

but i have an idea

for that you need an multimeter (voltage check thingy try to lend one becouse these $15 are a piece of sh*t !)

try to cherge your battery then messure the voltage

<3.2v -> Dead

3.4v-4.0v -> Charged

4.2v -> fully charged

>4.2v -> overcharged ! disconnect (othervise it may blow the Sh*t out of it (inc. your phone...just lookup youtube if you curious...)

so if it's fully charged it should be like 4.ish volts and if it gets within few minuted to 3.2 volts then that's bad baterry

i have no idea what other thing can cause this if a line is broken it won't start or charge the battery

so it could be that the charging circuit is crap

also check the pcb for damages junk or whatever dosen't look healthy

just let me know if you get smth!

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Ok. So i read on internet to shake it. ANd now it s working .. I have others problems like: once a while he restart and i have the incorect date and time .1970 i think., other problem.. i m missing some of screws 1 where my battery is, and one on my display plate... Could be that the cause?can i fiind other screws? sometimes my phone rimains all day on,after charge,sometime go and reset himself, and when i try to open, i have the sign from low battery ..


if shaking your phone helped than i have no freakin idea

i don't think it resets becouse of missing screws ...just buy some...

bad date and time is becouse the little battery (or cap) inside could be dead

shake it like a boss if you want :)


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