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Support for tablets produced by the French consumer electronics manufacturer, Archos.

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Archos 50 Platinum Headphones attached error

hi guys

my friend has Archos 50 Platinum running android (no idea which one)

and he has that symbol for headphones even there are no attached which means i can't call him becouse he won't hear me (if he attaches headphones or spkr. he can hear me thru that)

we cracked it open (teardown with really bad photos is on the go!) and i can't find anything no board damage anything looks clean (he's glas is broken) we checked really good on that 3.5mm jack and there is nothing i did use antistatic brush(on whole board + 3.5mm jack) and nothing comes out (it's clean) he also used powerful compressed air at he's school still nothing

any ideas ? i can't reset he's phone to factory state (or root it)

rebooting dosen't help(we didn't crack it open while it was working...)

could be this a software issue ? why?

maybe just smth inside 3.5mm jack bendt or so? (if that 3.5mm jack is broken we won't replace it )

i didn't messure that one since my multimeter is cheap of $@$* and i have no idea which pins... there are like 6 or more i think ?

let me know what you come up with!

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It could be that there is a "contact" problem within the 3.5mm socket.

Here is what the internal electrical connections of a socket could look like

Block Image

This is just an example and not the one for your phone.

You might have to find out, if you can, the actual part number of the socket for your phone to get the correct replacement. Just getting one with the same number of pin connections is no guarantee, as you don't know the configuration of the existing pinout.

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i'll try to messure it...i have asked him and he said that he won't replace it anyway and also i don't have heat gun or soldering iron

when we'll meet i'll crack it open and messure continuity on ny contact with any contact (plugged and unplugged), and i'll post the results


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