My system will not power on or boot.

My system will not power on or boot. The battery status lite is lit and the power switch will lite. From that point nothing happens. I tried the bios recovery. I down loaded the latest bios version and followed the instructions to load the flash drive. I held down the Fn and Esc keys while pressing the power switch. The switch lit I continued to hold down the keys for the 5 to 7 seconds mentioned in the Bios Recovery Program. After several attemps the samething occoured. The power switch would go out along with the battery status indicator. The power switch never did flash. The battery status lite came back on but the power lite did not. I did notice the flash drive blink for a fraction of a second. The screen never lit.

What is the problem?

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Do you try to start the laptop only with power supply ? You have to take off the battery and plug the laptop only with power supply.

Have you something that appear on screen ?


That didn't solve the problem. The screen is still black and the computer still has no responce.


@langston35 besides flashing the BIOS, did you at anytime attach an external monitor to your computer to verify that you have a display? Have you had anything appear on the screen?


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