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The PSP E100 is a handheld games console designed by Sony. Also known as the PSP Street, this budget-friendly version of the PlayStation Portable released in October 2011.

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Backlight not functioning, guessing fuse has gone. Any idea where?

The backlight on the LCD screen of my PSP E1003 has stopped working. LCD is working (Can see it if hold it under light)

I know this issue happened in the past where the PSP Backlight fuse blew but not sure where the fuse is on the E1003 mainboard if anyone knows?

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Anyone able to shed some light on this?


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Got fed up with poor photos and tutorials so made my own for anyone who needs to find this in the future


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Hi Brendy, you may find this guide useful as it shows the backlight components and identifies them as well.

PSP E1000 LED Driver Circuit Component Replacement

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Thanks for this, eventually found it. This guide didn't mention where the fuse was just a close up photo of it. Found it on the rear of the mainboard.


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